How Sprih helped QualityKiosk align with global sustainability standards

QualityKiosk, a leading force in digital quality engineering, brought that same vigor to environmental sustainability with Sprih. See how strategic collaborations and innovative solutions catapulted them to new heights of environmental stewardship, setting a benchmark for the industry.

Main industry

IT Services and Consulting

Sector Size

$1.4 Trillion Globally

Sector Growth Rate

5-6% Annually

Market Characteristics

Constant Innovation and Evolution



Established in the early 2000s, QualityKiosk has contributed to the evolution of digital solutions across many sectors.

It’s a renowned leader in Quality Assurance services, instrumental in driving the quality and performance of digital platforms.

The innovative approach and continuous drive for improvement have enabled partners to seamlessly transform their operations and processes with QualityKiosk.

Business Benefits

4.8% Reduction in Energy Consumption
Offsetted Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions for FY 23

The Hurdles in QualityKiosk’s Path

  • Relying on manual processes to monitor the sustainability initiative posed a significant obstacle, leading to a reduction in operational efficiency for QualityKiosk.
  • Meeting customer and investors demands for sustainability data.
  • QualityKiosk were in need of expert guidance to formulate a comprehensive roadmap and strategy to align their business with sustainable practices.
  • There existed an urgent requirement to reduce the carbon footprint and adhere to global standards while maintaining uninterrupted operations.

Looking for Answers to…

Reduce energy consumption
Increase effective
e-waste management
Manage carbon footprint and emissions
Align with global environmental standards

Sprih’s Comprehensive Approach

  • QualityKiosk shifted from manual to automated data collection and emission calculation processes, meeting the stringent requirements of global sustainability standards.
  • With Sprih, QualityKiosk began implementing the actionable strategies to reduce environmental impact and enhance reputation.
  • Sprih's advanced carbon management platform identified major emitting sources and recommended the areas for improvement.
  • QualityKiosk partnered with 14 Trees, a Pune-based organization, focusing on carbon sequestration and alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sprih’s Solutions for QualityKiosk’s Sustainability Journey


Automating consumption data collection


Improving the data quality for accurate results


Implementing the actionable strategies


Partnering for carbon sequestration and fulfilling SDGs

How Things Looked Before Sprih

Operating in an energy-intensive and evolving industry, QualityKiosk was troubled by substantial energy consumption. Moreover, it was contributing to the sector’s increasing carbon footprint.
For QualityKiosk, reducing this footprint became a strategic imperative aligning with global sustainability goals and client expectations.
They recognized the necessity of a comprehensive carbon management software platform capable of issuing alerts upon exceeding emission limits, facilitating prompt action.

Tangible Results with Sprih’s Solutions

Reduced Energy Consumption

In FY23, QualityKiosk attained a remarkable 4.8% decrease in energy usage compared to FY22, markedly enhancing its sustainability impact.

Conscious Investments

QualityKiosk planted 1,016 native trees, offsetting over 1500 tCO2e emissions. Each tree planted contributes to biodiversity preservation and sustainable development. Through tree plantation, QualityKiosk rejuvenated 130,680 square feet of land into a flourishing green space.

Profitability with Sustainability

The company created employment opportunities for over 120 workers from local communities and supported 15+ local ventures through its sustainable activities and, hence contributing to fostering socio-economic development and community resilience.

“ Our partnership with Sprih has provided expertly crafted strategies for a comprehensive analysis of our carbon footprint, leading to impactful CO2 emission reductions and reinforcing our role in sustainable industry practices."

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How Sprih helped QualityKiosk align with global sustainability standards

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