Innovating for a Sustainable Future.

At Sprih, our pursuit is clear – catalyze a transformation where success and sustainability intertwine across the business landscape using the power of technology.
We stand at the forefront of technological innovation in sustainability, driving change by marrying environmental responsibility with innovative digital solutions.

Our Essence

Integrity in Innovation

We believe in the power of truth in technology – every solution we create is anchored in transparency and genuine impact going beyond assessment and accounting.

Visionary Leadership

Our founders, seasoned in steering successful enterprises, navigate Sprih with foresight and a commitment to delivering on the promise of a sustainable future.

Synergy of Expertise & Agility

We’re blending the strategic insight of experienced professionals with the dynamism of startup culture to build groundbreaking sustainability solutions.

Our Approach

Driven by the challenge of climate change, we've assembled a diverse team of experts from top global universities and leading industries to create a melting pot of ideas that propel us forward. These products not only address today's sustainability demands but are agile enough to adapt to the environmental challenges of the future.

Our team of engineers, handpicked from the finest institutions, brings unparalleled technical prowess. They are the architects of our robust, scalable solutions, ensuring that each product is not only innovative but also intrinsically sound and efficient.

Our climate experts, among the most respected voices in environmental science, infuse our strategies with deep ecological insights. Their expertise ensures that our solutions are not just technologically superior but are also deeply rooted in climate science, addressing the complexities of today's environmental challenges.
Our experts lead research collaborations with prestigious institutions, ensuring our strategies are not just responsive but also predictive of future sustainability trends.

It's this fusion of top-tier talent, groundbreaking research, and a relentless pursuit of excellence that positions Sprih as a leader in the sustainable technology landscape, offering our clients and investors not just a product but a partnership in shaping a greener, more responsible future.

Meet the Founders

With over 85 years of combined experience, our founders have not only built global businesses and led Fortune 500 companies but also founded successful startups. Their shared vision for a sustainable future is what fuels Sprih’s innovative drive.

Akash Keshav

Before Sprih, Akash led the public sector business development team at Arista/Mojo. An entrepreneur & business development executive, he is experienced in high-value enterprise sales. Akash is an alumnus of IIT Gandhinagar and has also contributed with a variety of responsibilities in the social sector especially around student mentorship.

Ravi Singhal

Ravi, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, has experience in building some of the world’s largest enterprise distributed systems. Ravi was part of the early engineering team at Arkin Networks which built vRNI, the leading datacenter operations management product and was later acquired by VMware. He loves nature and practices the reduce/reuse philosophy in his daily life.

Rohit Toshniwal

Co-Founded Arkin Networks (acquired by VMware) and grew it to a US$ 250M business. Rohit is a serial entrepreneur with experience of building large product companies, and a knack to bring together world-class teams, drive innovation and product execution from concept to being the best in the world. Rohit did his BTech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur.

Hemant Joshi

Co-Founded Pentathlon Ventures. Co-Founded In-Reality Software and Sapience Analytics and led them to successful acquisitions. Experienced Technologist, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Successful track record of founding & scaling start-ups and building global enterprise businesses.

Life at Sprih

Engage with Sprih

Learn more about our journey, our people, and the technology driving sustainable business practices. We invite you to reach out and explore how we can collaborate towards a greener future.


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