How Indigo Paints Reduced Emissions Intensity in manufacturing with Sprih

Discover how Indigo Paints, a leader in paint manufacturing, partnered with Sprih to redefine sustainability - transforming operations, slashing emissions, and embedding eco-consciousness into their DNA.

Main industry

Paint Manufacturing

Sector Size

$150 Billion

Sector Growth rate:

4% annually

Market Characteristics:

Highly Diverse



Indigo Paints stands out in the paint manufacturing industry as a symbol of innovation and quality. The company boasts a diverse range of advanced products from decorative paints to specialized coatings.

Recognized for integrating cutting-edge technology with a commitment to sustainability, Indigo Paints is not only a market leader but also a trendsetter in eco-friendly practices, setting it apart in a competitive and dynamic industry.

Measurable Business Benefits


Reduction in
Emission Intensity


Reduction in
Energy Intensity


Increase in
Water Recycling


Reduction in
Waste Generation

The Hurdles in Indigo Paints’ Path

  • Making sustainability a part of its core business processes.
  • Staying ahead of compliance needs and reduce compliance risk.
  • Implementing an automated system for efficient data collection and sharing with stakeholders.
  • Cultivating sustainability awareness among all employees and fostering their engagement in sustainable practices.

Looking for Answers to…

Integrate sustainability across operations
Manage emissions and energy consumption
Compy to BRSR requirements
Enhance the quality of sustainability reporting
Seek guidance on steps towards sustainable business

Sprih’s Comprehensive Approach

  • Sprih helped Indigo Paints assess current emissions and identify appropriate reduction options.
  • Sprih further facilitated connections with ecosystem partners, ensuring Indigo Paints’ sustainability strategies were executed.
  • Our efforts led to Indigo Paints incorporating sustainability as a core part of the business strategy and culture.
  • Plant-level employees are actively engaged in advancing the company's sustainability objectives, contributing through diverse avenues.
  • Sprih supported Indigo Paints in navigating the approval process with SBTi to commit to ambitious targets.

Sprih’s Solutions Color Indigo Paints’ Sustainability Journey


Automating data collection and continuous monitoring


Committing to SBTi for target setting


Developing a plan for emission reduction


Executing the plan with identified ecosystem partners


Simplifying reporting to meet compliance requirements

How Things Looked Before Sprih

They were committed to becoming a sustainable brand but were unaware of the ways to move towards it.
They were in search of a partner who can help them in emission measurement, target setting, rigorous progress monitoring, and adherence to stringent international standards.
The high carbon footprint was also a concern for them. So, they recognized the necessity of a comprehensive carbon management software platform capable of issuing alerts upon exceeding emission limits, facilitating prompt action.

Tangible Results with Sprih’s Solutions

Reduced Emission Intensity

Indigo Paints decreased emission intensity by 6.21% in FY23 compared to FY22, showcasing a steadfast commitment to sustainable progress.

Reduced Energy Intensity

With Sprih, Indigo Paints achieved a 6.42% reduction in energy intensity in FY23 compared to FY22, amplifying sustainability impact and business outcomes.


Leading the way, Indigo Paints planted 800 trees, offsetting around 1000 tCO2e and deploying solar panels in their Pune headquarter and manufacturing plants. They realize sustainability is an opportunity to stay ahead of regulatory changes.

Driving Market

Sustainability is now part of core business processes and strategic planning at Indigo Paints. It has become a market leader, outperforming peers.

“ Through Sprih's strategic solutions we've integrated sustainable growth and transparent practices into our corporate strategy, setting a new benchmark in our industry. "

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