How Espi secured SBTi approval with Sprih

ESPI Industries & Chemicals' bold leap into sustainability, is a journey sparked and shaped by its strategic alliance with Sprih. 

This case study highlights how Sprih's expert guidance empowered ESPI to overcome environmental challenges, propelling them to the forefront of sustainable innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Main industry

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Sector Size

Over $1.48 Trillion

Sector Growth Rate

4-5% annually

Market Characteristics

Improving Life Expectancy and Quality



Founded in 1979 in Hyderabad, Espi Industries & Chemicals Private Limited is leading the way in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Espi manufactures pharmaceutical products for various brands, being recognized as a multi-product manufacturer.

Today, Espi is well-known for its quality and innovation, producing products for multinational corporations. They remain committed to setting new standards in the field while meeting the diverse needs of clients.

Measurable Business Benefits

Meeting global
Leveraging sustainability
for competitive
Enhanced operational efficiency

The Hurdles in Espi’s Path

  • Meeting customer demands for sustainability data
  • Addressing the high costs associated with establishing in-house sustainability expertise
  • Implementing an automated system for efficient data collection and sharing with customers
  • Establishing effective monitoring mechanisms for existing sustainability initiatives

Looking for Answers to…

Lower carbon emissions and footprint
Ensure compliance with global regulations
Managing energy consumption
Minimizing water wastage and pollution
Enhancing supply chain transparency

Sprih’s Comprehensive Approach

  • Through Sprih’s Carbon Accounting and Management Platform, Espi successfully measured emissions and established accurate, achievable reduction targets aligned with SBTi standards.
  • Our platform pinpointed actionable initiatives for Espi, simplifying their path towards target attainment.
  • We further facilitated connections with ecosystem partners, ensuring Espi's sustainability strategies were executed.
  • Additionally, the platform empowered Espi to effortlessly generate a variety of reports requested by customers and investors, thereby significantly enhancing transparency.

Sprih’s Solutions Color Espi’s Sustainability Journey


Automating data collection and continuous monitoring


Establishing precise SBTi emission reduction targets


Streamlining target achievement with actionable initiatives


Connecting with ecosystem partners


Crafting high-quality sustainability reports to enhance transparency

How Things Looked Before Sprih

Before partnering with Sprih, Espi Industries & Chemicals initiated its sustainability journey, aligning with global environmental imperatives and customer expectations. Aspiring to lead in sustainability, Espi aimed to establish an emission reduction target by 2024, well ahead of their customers' deadlines.
Espi's commitment extended beyond mere compliance; they sought to genuinely reduce emissions and contribute to a greener, cleaner world. Recognizing the complexity of this endeavor, they sought a partner capable of guiding them in emission measurement, target setting, progress monitoring, and adherence to rigorous international standards.
Recognizing the need for a robust carbon management and accounting platform, Espi sought out a partner to streamline their sustainability efforts. This is where Sprih, renowned for its expertise in guiding companies towards environmental stewardship through its innovative software platform, entered the picture.

Tangible Results with Sprih’s Solutions

Reduced Energy Consumption

Espi successfully decreased specific energy consumption by 6.65%, from 5553.93 GJ in 2022 to 5184.28 GJ in 2023, with the assistance of Sprih.

Reduced GHG Emissions

With Sprih's support, Espi achieved a remarkable 14% reduction in absolute emissions, declining from 1065 tCO2e in 2022 to 915.23 tCO2e in 2023.

Increased Renewable Energy Mix

Espi achieved a notable 4% increase in its renewable energy mix, escalating from 19.1% in 2022 to 23.1% in 2023. Demonstrating their commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Staying Future-Ready

Espi takes proactive steps by planting 217 trees, effectively offsetting 217 tCO2e emissions. Recognizing sustainability as more than just a trend, they embrace it as a strategic advantage, positioning themselves ahead of competitors.

“ ESPI's partnership with Sprih has empowered us to lead the sustainability transformation in our sector, leveraging their robust sustainability planning tools to enhance our strategic vision. Their expert guidance is currently instrumental in our journey towards effectively measuring and surpassing global compliance benchmarks. "

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