How InfoBeans adapted to global environmental regulations with Sprih

This case study unfolds InfoBeans’ challenge of integrating technology with sustainable practices and how Sprih helped conquer the twin peaks of relentless innovation and environmental stewardship.

Main industry

Software Development

Sector Size

$1.4 Trillion Globally

Sector Growth Rate

5-6% annually

Market Characteristics

Constant Innovation and Evolution



Established in 2000, InfoBeans is a leader in designing, building, and managing robust digital applications. The company's expertise spans across critical domains such as Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, UX, Package Implementation and Automation Engineering.

As a comprehensive solutions provider in the Tech space, InfoBeans is a publicly listed company on the National Stock
Exchange of India. This is a testament to its enduring commitment to quality and innovation.

Measurable Business Benefits

Staying compliant with local and global regulations
Enhanced operational efficiency
100% e-Waste recycled through third party vendors
100% wastewater recycled in Indore SEZ unit
Around 400 tCO2e offsetted

The Hurdles in InfoBeans’ Path

  • Using manual processes for monitoring the sustainability initiative was a big hurdle and was reducing the operation efficiency.
  • InfoBeans needed expert advice to develop a coherent roadmap and strategy to fulfill their commitment to achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2030.
  • There was a pressing need to reduce carbon footprint and align with global standards, but without disrupting regular operations.
  • InfoBeans needed to integrate sustainability with the core of business processes to ensure long-term viability and competitiveness.

Looking for Answers to…

Integrate sustainability into core business operations
Comply to BRSR and global regulations
Reduce carbon footprint
Switch from manual to automated processes for data collection and emission monitoring
Enhance the quality of sustainability reporting

Sprih’s Comprehensive Approach

  • InfoBeans transitioned from manual to automated processes, meeting the stringent requirements of global sustainability standards.
  • Sprih platform helped with providing real-time analytics, making informed decisions, and producing sustainability reports with ease.
  • Employees from different facilities are actively engaged in advancing the company's sustainability objectives, contributing through diverse ways.
  • Sprih is aiding InfoBeans in preparing for SBTi emission reduction targets and will facilitate the approval process with SBTi.

Sprih’s Solutions Simplified InfoBeans’ Sustainability Journey


Automating data collection process


Preparing emission reduction target for SBTi approval


Developing a plan for emission reduction to achieve the target


Simplifying reporting to meet global compliance requirements

How Things Looked Before Sprih

Before the partnership with Sprih, InfoBeans manually captured and managed sustainability data from facilities. This manual system was time-intensive and prone to errors.
They also needed a robust AI enabled system for the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) preparation.
Beyond data collection, presenting it in formats compliant with various international regulations and standards posed another obstacle.

Tangible Results with Sprih’s Solutions

Improved Sustainability Reporting

With advanced capabilities in sustainability reporting and management, InfoBeans enhanced its credibility among stakeholders.

Driving Market Access

By committing to carbon neutrality by 2030 and establishing SBTi targets, InfoBeans solidified its position as an industry frontrunner, gaining access to new markets and opportunities.

Staying Future-Ready

Proactively leading the charge, InfoBeans planted approximately 600 trees, offsetting around 600 tCO2e while also improving biodiversity. Recognizing sustainability as a key driver for future success, they remain primed to adapt and thrive amidst regulatory changes.

“ With Sprih's comprehensive analytics, we've gained critical insights into our carbon footprint, enabling strategic reduction aligned with our ambitious sustainability goals. "

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