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Sustainability Scorecard : How Do You Rank Against Peers?

Sprih harnesses sustainability data from thousands of global companies to show you where you are on the sustainability spectrum, and where you need to aim.
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Compare your sustainability status with the industry and peers. Understand your position, learn from the best, and use sustainability to distinguish your business.


Compare Emissions

Sprih ranks your carbon footprint against your peers and the industry average. Get detailed benchmarks based on the sustainability data of thousands of companies.

Sector-Specific Benchmarking

Know where you stand in your sector against your peers. Address your sector's unique environmental challenges effectively.

Peer Sustainability Strategies

Sprih provides a window into the initiatives, investments, and innovations your industry counterparts are adopting, offering valuable insights to refine and elevate your own.

Outpace Net-Zero Commitments

Understand your peers’ Net-Zero deadlines, set ambitious yet achievable deadlines to stay ahead of them and lead the sustainability charge in your sector.

Outpace competitors and transform your business into a Sustainability leader


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